‘Getting to large markets was a great problem. Got my first major client in the US …’ ~ Njeri

First International Client

I got growth capital and grew regionally, now on my next venture they are my first point of call ~ Mike

Growth Capital

‘…top of the class business plan writing … now close to funding because of good guidance’ ~ Hellen

Good Guidance

The Take Off! Program helped me triple my income in three months as a result of implementing a new marketing strategy” ~ James

Increased Bottomline



Synergy for Africa focuses on making good business sense and opportunities become common knowledge in the continent. We are an off and online platform that brings together entrepreneurs, investors and community to support entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial thinking in the content. We provide entrepreneurs with information and coaching they need so they can start and grow their business confidently and swiftly; Investors with bankable businesses; and the community, education on entrepreneurship and with opportunities to participate in the growth of their local economy.Our goal is to economically empower one million entrepreneurs and their communities through the application of proven global strategies, business principles and models.



To provide entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills they need to grow Pan African businesses.

We do this through coaching and mentoring, providing relevant market and business information and networking events and platforms. Click on the links below for more information.


To educate on enterprise and investment, while empowering communities to partcipate in the opportunities around them.

We do by providing entertaining educational content that aims at making good business decisions and knowledge, a part of our daily conversation. Communities can also support local businesses through investment and shopping. Click below for more information


To provide investors with bankable businesses in their sector of interest, local portfolio administration and management.

We do this by ensuring we partner investor with the right type and size of business, enlisting experienced investment managers and providing investors with the information thry need to make investment decisions.  Click here for more information.


Business & Service Directory

Our business and service directory allows African entrepreneurs to quickly create an online profile for free wherever they are in the world, make it easy to do business together and trade. Click HERE

Portfolio Management Services

Administrative support and the latest updates on investment opportunities for Investors. Click HERE for more information

Video Interviews 

Entrepreneurs tell their journey to encourage you. There’s no better way to relate with a product or service than the circumstances that inspired it. Click HERE to watch


Market Place

Shop for products sold by our entrepreneurs on the Ua Zuri facebook page. Click Here to buy and HERE to sell stuff

Achievers Coaching

This programme helps you meet real achievable goals in a period of 90 days. Click HERE for more information

Elan Series

The storms within the lives of Elan and her younger husband navigating business through a patriachal society in modern Africa. Click HERE to watch or read

Investor Match Making

Matching investors with investor ready businesses in sectors they are interested in. If you are an investor looking for businesses to invest in, click HERE

Take Off! Programe

This is an accelerator programme for businesses that have been running for at least three years. Click to find out more HERE