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9 Ways To Motivate Yourself

As entrepreneurs one of the things that we continuously need is a good portion of self motivation. The willingness and ability to keep going when things are not going as I would like them to can be a tall order. And many fall on the sidelines of the entrepreneurial journey.

However, difficult times come and go. As you grow your business you will find that these cycles happen for every business and your motivation should not be pegged on the different circumstances you find yourself but on much more. Not taking charge of how you feel can lead to stress and various health issues.

To stay motivated I have found that taking responsibility for how energetic I feel about my business depends on my thoughts. Over time the following steps have been my go to solutions when I don't feel as motivated as I should.

  1. Purpose; reminding myself of the overal reason why I do what I do and the expected results always keeps me going. Of course somethings we do may not be worth the sacrifice required however if the reason is good enough then I always find new energy to keep going. Your purpose will always be a great point of reference if you want to get your mojo back.
  2. Rest & Reflection; getting involved in something for too long can be draining. Taking breaks to rest and reflect even if it's only once a month on progress and values helps me keep the most important activities in mind and stay on course. Reading the Bible consistently and regularly also helps keep me grounded on what my values and priorities are. With all the information and difficulties around us it's easy to get sucked in to what everyone else thinks when we feel discouraged.
  3. Company: frequently reviewing the company I am keeping helps ensure that I have the right people around. Being a business advisor means I frequently am dealing with negative discouraged entrepreneurs and this can sometimes rub off. As a result spending time often with the most successful people in my cycle who are also interested in my success is a good antidote and helps me give to other worthy courses. Look around at the different people in your circles and make a good choice of people who are good for you especially if your work tends to be draining.
  4. Exercise; this has a way of giving me lots of energy back and cleaning out any negative thoughts and emotions. Just accomplishing my daily fitness goals be it 100 or 20 squats reminds me that if I stick to it my bigger business goals will be met. Making exercise part of your daily routine also reduces stress.
  5. Writing: this keeps me from thinking about my situation and helps me focus on how my writing will add value to another. Incorporating writing into ones work gives it impact far beyond what you are able to do in a moment. It enables you indirectly (or directly) help others and always leaves one very positive.
  6. Taking action; procrastinating feeds demotivation. Just getting started on something keeps one motivated. I often avoid belabouring a thought on an action and just do it to avoid having excuses not to act.
  7. Having a fun base: whether they are raving fans or just quiet fans who occasionally give feedback, having a tribe ensures I have something to report. And it forces me to put out good quality well thought out stuff. I cannot offer nothing week after week or month after month. By having someone or people who either mentor you, or you are accountable to, you are forced to act even when you feel discouraged. Often they also act as a sounding board for new ideas and projects.
  8. Getting organized: sometimes just reorganizing my space gets me back to work with new energy. For others it may mean getting out of their normal work environment and this also gives great results.

Trust these ideas will help you stay motivated as no one will come around to get you going if you don't want to. Do post some comments and share what you do to stay motivated - especially when the going gets tough!

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