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A Key To Success: Active Commitment 

Another beautiful day, week and my question to you is - how committed are you to your success in the different areas of your life?Whether it's in marriage, your relationship with God, your business or groups you belong to there are simple ways of telling whether someone is committed or not. Commitment is shown in a few key ways so you cannot say you are committed if you are not doing the following:

a. Putting your money in the thing you are committed too. For example in business you will spend money buying product, going for networking events and educating yourself. 

b. Spending time doing or with whoever you are committed to. This may be quite obvious for full time business people. However, if you are employed it means consistently setting aside some hours to do what you say you are committed to. If it's an activity it means time spent practicing, if it's weight loss time spent cooking healthy meals, exercising etc. If you are not spending time then you are not committed.

c. Sharing with or about your commitment. If you are not networking or talking with the person you a committed to or about your commitment, you likely are not committed.

Commitment is an action of love and passion and one cannot help but talk about the the things we are committed to. I am committed to Africa and I can't help talk about my hopes for the content, write about it and do a little bit on my corner to see things manifest. Are you talking about and looking for opportunities to network with people who have similar commitments? If not you are not committed.

How much you show your commitment will also determine whether you eventually are successful. Nothing and no one comes out to support anything that is not backed up by total commitment. Success in many ways is team effort so show your commitment now to get the support you need to succeed. 

Have a great week and stay committed

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