About Us

Who we are

Synergy for Africa is an on and offline business platform for business owners, investors and the community to create a synergistic African Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.

Thus, Synergy for Africa focuses on making good business sense and opportunities become common knowledge in the continent by enabling entrepreneurial thinking. We provide entrepreneurs with information and support they need so they can start and grow their business confidently and swiftly; Investors with bankable businesses and opportunities to have impact; and the community, education on entrepreneurship and with opportunities to participate in the growth of their local economy.

Our goal is to economically empower one million entrepreneurs and their communities through the application of proven global strategies, business principles and models.


Vision Statement

Making African business and Investment a part of our daily conversation


Mission Statement

To encourage the spirit of African Entrepreneurship by creating content and support systems that educate, inform and inspire Africans to invest in and grow local businesses.


Our Objectives

Our objective overal is to provide a home for entrepreneurship. To do this we have different objectives for our clients


To provide entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills they need to grow Pan African businesses.

We do this through coaching and mentoring, providing relevant market and business information and networking events and platforms. Click on the links below for more information.


To educate on enterprise and investment, while empowering community participation in business opportunities around them.

We do this by providing entertaining educational content that aims at making good business decisions and knowledge, a part of our daily conversation. Communities can also support their local businesses.


To provide investors with bankable businesses in their sector of interest, local portfolio administration and management.

We do this by ensuring we partner investor with the right type and size of business, enlisting experienced investment managers and providing investors with the information thry need to make investment decisions.

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Founder's Statement

Annabel Onyando - Founder Synergy For Africa

Growing up in different parts of East Africa presented many opportunities for me to interact with small business owners who were well off and equally with families struggling to put food on the table. This spurred my interest in entrepreneurship as a solution to ending destitution. What concerned me as I grew up is that most local businesses didn't grow as big as foreign companies and therefore were limited in the quality and type of jobs they offered. I came to learn that several problems affecting the business environment affected local entrepreneurs so they were  not as good and their products of poorer quality than their international competitors. A passion for seeing change for the local entrepreneurs spurred my interest in business support and coaching.

My passion to provide entrepreneurs with the information, skills and finance they need to set up, grow and profit from their businesses resulted in my rolling out two program with other development organizations. However their strategy for Africa did not encompass what I envisaged for Africa. This has finally led to the formation of Synergy For Africa.

The vision is big and I cannot do it on my own. I look forward to you joining us as entrepreneurs, investors and the business communities so together we can make African business and investment a part of our daily conversation resulting in our continents' global competitiveness.

Annabel Onyando