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The Synergy Achievers Coaching  is a goal focused 3-month accelerator programme for individuals who want to improve their performance and impact. As a result they move from being stuck in anarea of their lives. The programme targets two aspects of achievement

Our goal is to get you in a different place within 90 days. It involves two days /12 hours of a foundation training spread over 3 months of support. Click on the links for a brief on the two programmes.

Who the coaching is for: Business Owners, Executive Personnel and Managers


  1. You apply for the appropriate coaching using the link below or by attending one of our briefing sessions.
  2. You choose a payment plan and make payment
  3. Attend an interview session with Coach / Business Advisor
  4. Program and meeting schedule set
  5. You start your sessions using the channel most appropriate (online or face to face)
  6. To ensure the coaching works and you get feedback from different sources we have incorporated;
  • Online sessions that incorporate different learning methods so you can learn as and when you want to
  • A dedicated coach who you work with to set your goals and get you started on the right path and help you set realistic timelines and goals.
  • peer learning – through mastermind groups  so you learn from others experiences
  • Weekly forums where you can ask questions and learn from others questions
  • Special discounted events as part of Synergy For Africa network that ensure you stay abreast of the latest methods and techniques in keeping your disciplined and accomplished in different areas of your life and work

Apply to request Take Off! coaching here. If accepted for initial interview, you will  be contacted by a coach and you can schedule your interview. You will also get an invoice indicating how you pay your coaching deposit.

Normally it takes 90 days to implement a reasonable short term strategy within the current environmental conditions you are in. Therefore, be ready to commit at least 90 days on addressing the issues you are facing.

 Find out more by clicking the links below:

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