Personal Goals Coaching

The Synergy Achievers Coaching  is a goal focused 3-month accelerator programme for Africans who want to improve their performance and impact and avoid being stuck. The programme targets two aspects of achievement

  • Business
  • Personal and Life Goals achievement

Our goal is to get you in a different place within 90 days. It involves two days /12 hours of a foundation training and 3 months of support.

Personal Goals Achievement Coaching

Model of coaching

This coaching is run online. Each session takes a maximum of 30 minutes online or via video SMS

Issues Addressed

Through the coaching, our goal is to address the following:

  1. Understand that having SMART Goals and Objectives is not enough
  2. Understand your personal hindrances to meeting objectives
  3. Come up with Strategies to achieving your goals
  4. Address hindrances and procrastination
  5. Address the skills gap to meeting your objectives
  6. Set up interventions and helpers
  7. Break down the activities
  8. Fix Timelines
  9. Schedule Evaluation
  10. Set Regimen
  11. Execute

Who is the Coaching for?

This coaching is targeted for entrepreneurs, sports people, those wanting to live healthier or lose weight, students and anyone who has a specific target they must achieve.

Advantages for you

  1. You get to achieve more in a shorter time than you ever have
  2. It is cost efficient as you get personalised help at group rate because of he use of technology
  3. Schedule is flexible – you can log in at your own time
  4. You can access on most mobile devices because of the video SMS option. You do not have to get a smartphone
  5. Open to you wherever you are in Africa
  6. Use technology most effective for you, we will bend backwards to meet your need
  7. Questions addressed within 24 hours
  8. Continued support through Exclusive Facebook Group after you finish the programme
  9. You have knowledge that you can implement over and over gain and always achieve great results.
  10. You get 30  percent discount when you pay for at least 2 months

Requirements: Internet connection, 3 months focused commitment to achieving goals, attend 1 one hour weekly online meetings.

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