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This Business Take Off! Coaching is a goal focused 3-month performance coaching programme for African Entrepreneurs who want to improve their business performance and impact. Our goal is to get you to a different place within 90 days. It involves two days /12 hours of a foundation training and 3 months of support.

Business Take Off! Program

The factors that stop your business from becoming the regional enterprise you envisaged are varied. Year after year you may find you are not achieving the goals you set out for yourself despite them being SMART goals. The key to achieving your goals goes beyond setting the goals. You must have a good execution plan and things that hinder your growth need to be clear.

The Take Off! coaching programme is as a result of having worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and reviewed numerous research findings on leading organisations and high achieving individual on execution strategies that lead to real results in goal achievement. We have observed high achieving millionaires and billionaires, athletes and sports personalities, as well as programmes run by other achievement coaches and tested them and after trying different programmes have come up with with a potent execution programme that has translated to a minimum of 4 times better performance by anyone that implemented it.

There are numerous advantages to having a good coach to walk with you as entrepreneurship can be a very lonely journey and being in a business network is not the same as working closely with someone who wants you to personally be successful. Some advantages you get from being in our coaching system are;

  • the system can be replicated in any industry or area of your life,
  • it will help perfect your business model,
  • it gives you an insight of blue ocean strategies you may have missed,
  • personalised attention to your specific issues,
  • our goal is to help you achieve not make you feel good so you will develop better focus and discipline than you ever have'
  • it is practical so you can start getting results immediately and
  • you can start working with your coach immediately you are ready to start.
  • the service is offered throughout Africa to English Speakers who have.
Issues Addressed

Through the coaching, our goal is to address the following:

  1. A better understanding of yourself, your team and your leadership style
  2. A review of your strategy and understanding of what is required to meet the objectives
  3. Understand that having SMART Goals and Objectives is not enough
  4. Supporting values
  5. Understand your personal hindrances to meet objectives
  6. Come up with a business model that works for you
  7. Address hindrances to meeting your organisation objectives
  8. Address the skills gap in meeting your objectives
  9. Set up interventions and helpers
  10. Break down the activities
  11. Fix Timelines
  12. Schedule Evaluation
  13. Set Regimen
  14. Execute

Requirements: Internet connection, 3 months focused commitment to achieving goals, attend 1-hour individual advisory session online, attend 2-hour weekly group session online. Most important commit to doing assignments. 

Who is the Coaching for?

This coaching is targeted for entrepreneurs who have been running their business for at least a year. However, it will also benefit those looking to go into business.

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Goal Is Personal?

Want A One Off Advisory Session?

Our group meetings on Telegram cover a wide range of business issues. If you would still want to have a separate advisory session you can apply below.

Cost for advisory session is USD 50.

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