The habit of taking all routes makes all rivers and some men crooked – African proverb

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A Swahili folklore talks of a hunter walking home after killing a dear. A hyena started following him to try and steal the meat. The hunter hurried on ahead and when he came to an intersection went a few steps on the wrong road and then turned back and went home before the hyena could […]

A Renewed Mind Is Crucial For The Transformation Of African Economies

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Poverty in Africa has been a dilemma for a long time. There is the school of thought that Africa is poor because there are not enough resources. However, the continent has the largest share of natural resources in the world. While large numbers of development organisations have flooded the continent to provide the ‘scarce resources’ […]

Global Strategy

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WHAT IS GLOBAL STRATEGY? Global strategy covers global, multinational and international business strategies. It enables the business to grow across continents, cultures and defined borders. There are differences; Global refers to a strategy that is the same thought-out the globe there is no tailor made differences to address needs of a particular country or culture. Companies that […]