6 Ways To Be An Effective Leader

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People have for a long time felt great leaders are served drive big cars and have lots of money to spend. Before you shake your head, proof is the people we continually install as leaders in our countries and communities who end up doing nothing to improve our condition. Sometimes we vote for people who are not rich but become rich when they get to power. Then they become like all the other leaders before… how did they sneak past our watchful eyes?

Six Ways To Get Your Curiosity Back

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Remaining curious is crucial for the advancement of humanity and innovation.  Children are said to ask an average of 300 question a day however by the time we turn eighteen this number has significantly reduced and we then believe the adage; ‘curiosity killed the cat.’ However, for any level of self-development and innovation, you will need […]

Becoming An Effective Leader

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Leadership is a topic that continually comes up in all circles whenever people gather or form social groups be they business, political or spiritual. People are leaders in different circumstances and as one gets to explore the topic you realise it is often used as a title but does not necessarily mean one is effective as a leader. Many delude themselves that they are leaders but they are a far cry from what is required of an effective leader.

Be The Entrepreneur On The Fast Track

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The key to African development,  actually most economies’ growth is small and medium enterprise. With the high unemployment rates in Africa, it is evident that our attitude towards entrepreneurship needs to change. It is in our good to encourage and embrace enterprise development  as something to do as a first priority during your youth when one is energetic […]