Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have a question?

Before sending an email using the form right or calling on +254770486549 just check to make sure your your question is not yet answered below.

How does Synergy coaching work?

  1. You apply for the appropriate coaching using the links below
  2. Attend an online interview session with Coach / Business Advisor
  3. Choose a payment plan and make payment
  4. Program and meeting schedule set (sessions start on 15th and 1st of every month)
  5. You start your sessions

To ensure the coaching works and you get feedback from different sources we have incorporated;

  • Online sessions that incorporate different learning methods so you can learn as and when you want to
  • A dedicated coach who you work with you to set your goals and get you started on the right path and help you set realistic timelines and goals.
  • You have access to our Facebook forum where you can interact with others after the programme

Apply to request Take Off! coaching here. If accepted for initial interview, you will  be contacted by email  and an appropriate coach.

Normally, it takes at least  90 days to implement a reasonable short term strategy within the current environmental conditions you are in. Therefore, be ready to commit at least 90 days on addressing the issues you are facing.ere that can accept deliveries

Informations Sessions

Where are the daily discussions and information sessions done?

We have our online networking and discussion sessions on Telegram. The Telegram sessions are daily at 1.00 pm East African time. You can download Telegram here. Then join us here.

What Topics Are Covered?

Our schedule for the week is as follows.

WEEKLY; Mastermind Groups.
MONDAYS; What's up Africa! Policy issues 
TUESDAYS; Branding business and personal
WEDNESDAYS; Entrepreneurs Journey
FRIDAYS; Spotlights on you!
WEEKEND; Health and Continuity