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Global strategy covers global, multinational and international business strategies. It enables the business to grow across continents, cultures and defined borders. There are differences;

Global refers to a strategy that is the same thought-out the globe there is no tailor made differences to address needs of a particular country or culture. Companies that  apply global strategy generally serve niche markets with specialised tastes. The target market is highly sophisticated and demanding. This traverses cultures and borders. Examples would be iPhone and Gucci products.

Multinational Strategies are generally used where there is a need to address the needs in a particular economy. For example most fast foods while they may have a brand that is known worldwide may  tailor some of their specialty dishes to address the needs of a particular culture e.g. Kentucky Fried Chicken in China.

Finally, we have an international strategy. This happens when we have a company whose key market is in  the local market but has an interest in expanding to new markets probably because of recent enquiries from across the border or as a result of an acquired new client across borders. The strategies they come up with to enter the new markets are their international strategy. Different from the local business strategies they use.

The difference in all this is the magnitude to which the businesses operate across borders and as a result what functions are then done across the border. In global strategy, the company may take advantage of low production costs in Japan or China, get its raw material from Africa and have its biggest market in US and Europe. A good example of industries that generally operates in this manner is the computer and car manufacturing industries.


Synergy For Africa helps you realistically position yourself to compete regionally. While there may be many opportunities in and  around, not all will have the potential to economically make impact. We help you source for inputs and suppliers, enter the right markets and set up production or connect you to the right producers.

Thus, you capitalise on those opportunities that will make the greatest difference and have the highest impact for strategic positioning of your services and products resulting in success in local and regional markets.

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