GroFin Fund

GroFin provides a proven blend of need-based finance and value-adding business support to unserved and underserved entrepreneurs in Africa and the Middle East. An award-winning, international and multicultural company headquartered in Mauritius, GroFin has over 130 employees across Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, Oman, Jordan and Iraq.

GroFin is supported by over 30 funders and partners, with committed funding in excess of US$500 million. Its performance is recognised by industry experts, and has seen GroFin win the 2007 Africa Investor Award, the 2008 Africa Investor Award for Best Initiative in Support of SME Development, the 2010 World Business and Development Award, the 2013 Ghana Finance Award as well as the 2015 Ghana-Africa Business Award.

Most recently, GroFin has launched the first of its kind, uncapped and unlimited-life fund, the SGB Fund, with initial commitments of US$100 million that are expected to grow to US$150 million in two years and make it one of the largest funds specifically targeting SMEs in Africa.

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