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Fast Track To Success 3; Keep On Walking!

I formed a WhatsApp group for my multi-level marketing team and I must say what I consider most disturbing was the lack of focus for the group. Often it felt like I was on my own. Despite all the agreed rules, the only time they made posts it was totally unrelated to the business of growing their businesses or empowering themselves; except for an occasional very insightful thought; thank God! For many, it was a platform to socialise and make new friends. That is simply get away from their boring lives.

So what happens when you find yourself in the same team with people you thought were excited about the same things you are but you were totally wrong? What happens if your childhood friends, college mates, golfing buddies turn around to have different values than you do or begin to believe differently? My opinion is to keep on walking. Waiting or holding back to find out what it is they believe, why they have changed or other complexities gets you off course from your objectives and often leads you to compromise your own values. It is really the same situation a teenager finds themselves in with peer pressure.

This does not mean keeping away or telling them off but standing your ground when a request or action that does not align with your values is presented. Advising them but not nagging them so the friendship is not compromised. Should they realise they made a mistake be available to guide in the right course if necessary. In all that be true to yourself and the values you hold.  Why would this be the best course of action? People make bad choices and sometimes they just are not ready for better or  need to learn from the poor choices they have made. They do not need to drag you and the community along with them. Here are some reasons people may make a poor choice

    • They do not know better. This person is the easiest to help because sometimes just highlighting facts may help them change their mind.
    • Pride; they feel they know it all because of newly acquired knowledge. Sometimes newly acquired knowledge and beliefs when not properly analysed may lead to people making very obvious mistakes because they have not taken time to think things through
    • They don’t know what they do not know. When one does not know and does not recognise that there may be important facts they are missing and need to consider. Simply asking what, when, why, who, how sometimes helps clarify a myriad of things
    • Peer pressure; wanting to be like the Joneses is more often than not the reason many adults make poor decisions. Not recognising that not everyone can be the same and your path in life is not meant to be like everyone in your graduation class is important.
    • Desperation; sometimes people get desperate to achieve something and in this situation, they figure the goal justifies the means.  They are simply blinded to any other option. Situations that can course this is financial difficulties, illness, loss of a loved one or separation and any traumatic event.
    • Lack of patience and tenacity; Good things and success come to those who wait. Patience and tenacity are crucial if one is to achieve success. However, for those who take the decision to give up even when they have in their capacity to succeed  in what they are doing, a lack of patience and the tenacity to withstand the pressures they are going through may play a key role in making a bad decision.

All said and done things change. What we may think is a bad decision may turn out to be a good decision for them. However, this does not mean your life should come to a stop as you wait to figure out whether or not they made a good decision or not. Everyone comes to the world with a role and a purpose. Having found yours; Keep walking. This may be one of the finest things you do to build yours and their character - FAST!

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