Our Services

Our services target our key customer groups; entrepreneurs investors and community. Click on the links to out more about each service.

Entrepreneur Services

These are services targeted to executives and business owners to provide them with networks, skills and resources to better manage business  in their environment.

Executive Coaching

Are you are a Business Owners, Executive Personnel or Managers? This coaching is a goal focused 3-month intense programme for you to improve your performance and impact. The coaching   It targets two aspects of achievement;

  1. the Personal & Career; works for your individual objectives or goals. Find out more HERE
  2. the business; focuses on goals and objectives that require you working with a team or other stakeholders. Or, a one-off advisory session as and when you need it. Click HERE for more.

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Is your business (or idea) innovative, scalable  and disruptive?  To get funding for your business register using the link below. You will also need to submit a business brief and video pitch on your business venture.

Through our network we match businesses to investors who bring both their money and where necessary, their expertise to the table.

Our Executive Business Presentation Box offers a list of services that will help you attract investors.

Need Funding?

Crowdfunding for Creatives/Products

Want to raise money without taking a loan or giving equity? Our crowdfunding option enables you raise money from the community by selling some stock of your product or service. The community is also able to donate more money if the business has supports their course.

This option acts not only as a way to test market feasibility but also enables you get feedback from targeted end users. Added benefit is the involvement of the community in the feasible projects in your area.

Need Crowdfunding?

Community Services

These are services and content targeted to the community to provide them with knowledge and information on entrepreneurship and investment in a way they  can relate with and apply in their environment.


Other people’s experiences inspire most of us to act on what we procrastinate on and take on challenges we are scared of. This content educates on entrepreneurship and informs you of opportunities (to start business and invest) in your environment. It is also a great marketing tool for entrepreneurs.

To find out how / why you as an entrepreneur can tell your story, click HERE.

Online Forums

We are as good as the books we read and the people we hang around with on and offline. Our online forums bring you close to like-minded individuals. You can use our different social media platforms to:

  1. Ask questions and get information
  2. Sell your products
  3. Share your knowledge

Click on the links to join us Facebook and Telegram

Online Content Series

On line content series aimed whose purpose is to entertain you even as you learn.

  1. Elan: The story of Elan and her much younger husband Al as they build an empire in a a very patriarchal society
  2. AfricaFundMe: Entrepreneurs seeking support from the community as they impact their environment.

Find out more on learning entrepreneurship the fun way HERE

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Investor Services

These are services we offer you as an investor so you get bankable businesses you can invest in directly or indirectly.

Investment Platform

Our crowdfunding option enables you get started investing in small businesses quickly.

Ready to invest?

Invest 101

Would you rather invest directly or privately? We help you get the right businesses and work with you whatever you need.

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Other Services

Free Services

Yes we have free services!

We understand, if you are starting your business on a shoe string you may want to test our services and expertise before commiting your tight resources. This is where our telegram network comes in. Each day we cover different topics on business. Join Us on

Ensure you download the telegram app first

Business Plan Writing

Get an award winning business plan that is practical for you to implement.

Our business plan writing services take typically 7 days and are written to the highest professional standard.

Given our large knowledgebase we write business plans for all sectors.

Finance Management

Training covering on financial management for small business and individuals

Business Services

The following services are offered by our administrative staff and independent partners in different countries

  • Accounting
  • Business registration 
  • Tax returns

Sponsor Giveaway

This option is great when you are introducing a highly effective product or service or product but that is too expensive for most people to want to tryout on their own. Sidebar Banner Button 225×225 px Banner – KES 1500/$15.00

Sponsored Post

Do you have an original post crafted you want hosted and amplified? This option allows you to do just that. This package includes a hosted guest post indefinitely and offers the option of 8 social shares a week over 3 months.
Video – Product Review & Giveaway Post – KES 20000 /$200.00

Blog Post – Product Review & Giveaway

Do you have a product or service you want to promote for increased visibility and sales? Let’s work together to make that happen. This package includes an interview, an honest and original product review post of your product or service, and up to 8 social shares a week across Synergy social media and partners network (approx 100,000 people) for 3 months. Product or service provided will not be refunded or returned after issuance. Products shipped at your expense. KES 20000 / $200

Digital Marketing

Our Digital Marketing provides you with the following options;

Search Engine Optimization

  • Industry Leading SEO Services
  • Dedicated Digital Managers
  • Results Driven Customized Strategy
  • Complete Transparency And Detailed Reporting

Search Engine Marketing

  • ROI Focused Strategies
  • AdWords Certified Partner
  • Leveraging Search & Ad Networks
  • Landing Page & Ad Design

Web Design

  • SEO Focused Design
  • Professional Custom Design
  • Optimized For Conversions
  • Latest Developmental Technologies
  • Mobile Websites
  • Results Driven Customized Strategy
  • Detailed Reporting

Social Media Marketing

  • Build Your Follower Base
  • Keep Them Engaged
  • Develop Rich Content
  • Track It All To Results

E-mail Marketing

  • List Development
  • Creative Formatting / Content Development
  • Automated Lead Nurturing
  • Campaign Management

E-Commerce Solutions

  • Build on Proven Platforms
  • Configured to Your Needs
  • Designed for Conversions
  • Customization & Integration