How To Advertise & Sponsor On Synergy For Africa

Reaching a focused audience is easy when you advertise in a targeted website. Our website enables you to reach start-up entrepreneurs, growing businesses and people in employment looking to go int business. This is a perfect channel to promote all  products and services that you offer. The website is continually updated with new information in different sectors and this creates a new flow of first-time visitors and revisits.

Contact us today to book your ad space. Rates are as indicated below;

Webpage Print Cost /quarter
Header Full page 1 publication US$ 400
3 Positions Right  1/2 Page Vertical US$ 350
3 Positions Left 1/2 Page horizontal US$ 300
Within main text 1/4 page US& 200
All Footer Classifieds US$ 200
Sponsor –Header & Profile Full page 3 Publications US$ 2000

Note: Additional US$ 200 for video Ads, video development at market rates

Free development of  Picture and Text Ads

These rates are for the following medium


African Entrepreneurs’ Guide

Blog & 3 e-book

African Moguls

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Our sponsors are our valued partners who enable us to meet our objective of impacting the lives of African entrepreneurs and their communities. Most high-impact sponsored leadership development programmes focus on entrepreneurs who have already accomplished significant results. We believe there are many people who could achieve if they got the same opportunities.

Our achievers coaching does not focus only on the high achievers but aims to improve the overall achievement of anyone who wants to step up and offer more. These are mainly start-up entrepreneurs. By becoming a sponsor, you offer an opportunity to every African in your region to accomplish more. Each US$ 2000 goes into supporting the subscription of 10 applicants in your region or the closed region to you.

Choosing Beneficiaries 

Beneficiaries of sponsorship are based on an analysis of the overall impact their business will have and its sustainability.

Benefits for Sponsors:

i) publicity through all channels of distribution i.e. the website and blog, vlogs,

e-books and Apps

ii) Measurable results at anyone time on investments e.g. training accessed and

media used etc

iii) For investment partners, first access to business profiles of entrepreneurs

seeking financing.

iv) Publicity: Partners are profiled in all the media used to communicate with

entrepreneurs and get first access to entrepreneurs who need their services e.g.

want financial services or access to markets.

v) Opportunity to influence the direction the website takes in the future.

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