Entrepreneur Interviews – Why Do One?

Marketing your business can be done in very many different ways. While straight advertising is great, it sells but does not necessarily create trust which is crucial to building las longterm customer relationships. This is where interviews come in and what better way connect with a longterm potential client than through a visual presentation other than just a written one? 

No one is perfect but everyone is trying to get there. Being an Entrepreneur can be very lonely especially when you do not have anyone to compare notes with or spur you along. This is where self-motivation and getting into forums on business about business plays a great role. Studies done show that hearing stories of others who have done it or are facing the same challenges you are going through helps you keep going and can be very motivating not only for the listener but the person telling the story.

Synergy for Africa enables you to do a video interview that can be tailored to different audiences for the purpose of telling your story in a way that will build trust and educate and sell your business offering.  We are currently giving opportunities for entrepreneurs to tell their story. These series of interviews will help you not only promote your business but also motivate others who want to start a business. Understand no one can really steal your idea because at the end of the day each idea has several people thinking about it at any one time. Only a few actually implement it and even then, how it is done depends on numerous factors.

If you would like to be featured in this series of interviews please feel free to contact us using the form right.

Benefits Of Telling  Your Story

Most people would love to inspire others but never really get the opportunity or think they really do not have a story to tell. However the reason you feel this way is that you have grown as a person and challenges that may be non-existent until you are quite huge to another. it is quite inspiring to see how you can add value to others by things you may take for granted and you never really know what will encourage another till you tell your story. This is not necessary based on age but more on experience in a particular area of life. The benefit to you and your business are that;

  • You get exposure for your business thus attracting investors, new clients and other stakeholders who may not have known about you.
  • Inspiring other also inspires you to move to the next level. You do not want to have the same old story each time. Having your story and goals out there helps you pushes you to become a better person.
  • You transform the community you live in. When people you know see your story they are spurred to grow. This is not only good for them but your business as well as you can only be as big as the economic development in your community
  • We often complain about community 'role models' who we would rather not be associated with. This is an opportunity to have people in good standing inspire our community.

We are currently offering a 50% discount to members who would like to tell their story and build upon their marketing tools.

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