Executive Business Presentation Box

To get funding or clients all businesses and often entrepreneurs need to market themselves. It is said lack marketing is like winking at a girl in the dark – she will not notice. The same thing applies to a business. However great your product or service is you will not be able to get the critical partners and customers you need to make the business flourish let alone survive.

For this reason, Synergy4Africa came up with an Executive Business Presentation Box Package. The Package enables you make key presentations of your business whether this is for presentations to investors or marketing to your customers and partners.  The Box consists of;

  1. Business Plan: Your Business Plan outlining your financing request and roll out or growth strategy
  2. Investor Profile: A single page that tells the investor about the deal
  3. Pitch Deck: Key points that should go in your pitch deck based on your strategy
  4. Video Presentation: 5 -10 minute presentation of your business for online use
  5. Business Model: A single page shot of the key components of your business

And to top it up  we provide you with a list of what you need to do to develop your brand:

Personal and Business Brand Development: List of key thing you need to work on to develop your brand

You also have the option of not buying the whole package and instead picking on the specific service you are interested e.g. only a Business Plan,Or Business Video to be used on YouTube.

We work closely with entrepreneurs to ensure they are able to perfect their presentation skills and confidently present their businesses even on aspects they may not be normally comfortable, like finance or marketing if they are more of a tech person.

To find out more about our Executive Business Presentation Box Services , send us a message using the contact form right.

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