As an investor you want to quickly get businesses that are investor ready with entrepreneurs who understand their responsibility to you. Our investment opportunities help investors find the right business in Africa. Businesses we work with are in various sectors and require investment range from seed capital for proven business models to growth financing for businesses looking to expand into different countries and regions in the continent.

How it Works 

  1. To partner with us on deal flow, please click HERE and fill in our investor request form.
  2. Your approval will take a maximum of three days and is based on our analysis of our ability to send you deals in the current financial year and other research.
  3. On approval we send you our agreement and you pay a partnership fee. On payment, we will continually send you business briefs followed by 3 minute video pitches and plans on your request on the businesses you want to look at.
  4. On scheduled dates we will arrange meetings with the entrepreneur and help with the deal processing if necessary.
  5. We help with the monitoring and management of your investment.

Feel free to contact us for more information. We look forward to meeting you  and helping you invest in a business in Africa.

Portfolio Management Services

We offer this to our clients who have registered with us whether or not they have made investments. The benefits for you are that;

  1. We ensure you get regular reports on businesses you have invested in
  2. Inform you regularly of economic occurences that may affect your investment
  3. Ensure your money is spent as agreed and advice should there be justifiable need for change of strategy
  4. Your business visits will be more productive