LocknLoad Offers

Our Lock and Load offers give you an opportunity to try out our services and other promotions from entrepreneurs in Africa at a discounted rate. Our reach (as at January) is 100,000 business people. Entrepreneurs are also able to show case what they have. LocknLoad offers happen once a quarter during the second month of the quarter i.e. February, May, August and November. Click for schedules of offers. Discounts range from 50% to 1 % over 20 days. Calendar of Offers starting Midnight 10th of the month. For list of services or products on offer click here

How To Participate: Buyers

  1. Follow @AnnabelOnyando on Twitter – http://twitter.com/annabelonyando , FaceBook http://facebook.com/annabelonyando or linkedIn http://linkedin.com/in/annabelonyando
  2. Lock the offer of the day by retweeting or sharing the tweet or message with the offer
  3. Pay for the offer within 24 hrs by PayPal or M-PESA or other Mobile Payment option

Schedule of May Offers

  • 11th – 12th Midnight 50%
  • 13th – 14th Midnight 45%
  • 15th-16th Midnight 40%
  • 17th-18th Midnight 35%
  • 19th-20th Midnight 30%
  • 21st-22nd Midnight 25%
  • 23rd-24th Midnight 20%
  • 25th-26th Midnight 15%
  • 27th-28th Midnight 10%
  • 29th -30th Midnight 5%

How To Participate: Entrepreneurs / Business People:

  1. Send us an online brochure with your product and listed cost and
  2. Choose the range of discount you are willing to offer from 50% to 1 %.and
  3. We will promote it in the period the discount is running.

Cost is KES 5000

Services and Products on Offer