Mastermind Groups

Mastermind groups enable you work closely with a group of fellow entrepreneurs in the same or similar sector from your country or elsewhere in Africa.

The greatest advantage of mastermind groups is the guaranteed growth, creativity and discipline you develop as a result of joining a  results oriented team.  A coach facilitates the meetings and each entrepreneur has an opportunity to get help from both coach and experienced team members. This offer is only for members subscribed to our Newsletter.

Click to Subscribe to a Mastermind Group Cost USD 100/quarter

Because of a limited number of Mastermind coaches we only have 10 places available at the start of each week. Please book at least a week in advance of the date you want to join a mastermind group.

How Synergy Mastermind Groups Work

1. Contact us to request to join a mastermind group indicating your sector and the business you are in. You will  be contacted by our consultant and agree on the best method to keep contact by e-mail, G+, WhatsApp, Skype or Viber in twenty-four hours. You also get an invoice indicating how you can pay for your 90 days (three-month subscription) for the group.

2. You make the payment and on receipt of payment, you will get the link to your mastermind group based on your preferred method of communication. You get a brief on how you are required to prepare for your mastermind group and rules of participation. Meeting times are both scheduled and unscheduled – you can also login to your group at your discretion.

3. Your mastermind coach will then schedule an online meeting with you so you can ask any questions you may have. Following this, you (or together) will come up with realistic & specific goals that you are to meet in the 90 day period. You also prepare by reviewing the businesses of the other group members and what they want to accomplish in the next 90 days.

4.To get the most out of your mastermind subscription get involved by asking questions, listening and contributing to solving others business dilemma based on your experience. While no one is obliged to follow any advice given it is important to process information and apply what can be implemented in your business. Giving feedback on how implementation went is crucial for the success of your the mastermind group.

5. This goes on until you are comfortable and feel you no longer need support or the group chooses to disband.

NB: Non-Disclosure; Each member is required to sign an agreement on non-disclosure. Not committing to this can affect your and other individuals businesses adversely.

Contact us to subscribe to a mastermind group

Normally it takes 90 days to implement a reasonable short term strategy given current conditions. The cost to join a mastermind group is USD 100 per quarter per individual.

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