Speaking Engagements

Contact us using the form right for speaking engagements and training on the topic, ‘ ‘How to start / grow your business in Africa’. This is a series of topics that can be combined in different formats for a talk that is then tailor made for learning institutions, professional institutions, as part of a pre-retirement programme or for investment groups. The topics include;

  1. Why starting a business in the continent makes sense
  2. Who should start a business and with whom you partner with (people, organisations etc)
  3. Registration, business types in the continent and shareholding and what they mean for your business
  4. Current good businesses opportunities continent
  5. Annual review of countries to invest in and in what industries
  6. Key Success Factors Boot camp
  7. Disruptive Business Models for start-up entrepreneurs
  8. Growing beyond borders; strategies to enter new African Markets
  9. Business Models for Africa
  10. Finally, we do motivational talks