Investing & SME Opportunities in Africa

Small Business Ideas In Africa

It is important to understand that there is no shortage of business opportunities in Africa. Investing in a business in Africa when it is well thought out gives a higher percentage of return and can scale really fast as most markets are not saturated and there is hardly any competition.

As Entrepreneurs, we are investors and as a result need to think as such. While looking for fair return on our investment, we must think creatively and find innovative relevant solutions to the needs of people in our communities.

Below we have suggestions for a wide range of business opportunities that one can invest in and their key success factors when considering whther of not to invest. If you are investing in a sector where you have even more insight, do not hesitate to add your comments.

The business opportunities listed totally depend on your ability and capacity. As you grow yourself and your organisation it can move from a micro business to small, large and even to a global business. There are no limits to what you can achieve with your small business as long as you are ready to learn and take action.

A business opportunity consists of four  closely interrelated areas that need to be met within the window of opportunity in a region. The key areas that determine whether or not a business opportunity is feasible  are:

  • Market demand (there is a gap or need in the market) that is not currently fulfilled; sometimes people are aware of the need and talk about sometimes they are not because hey do not know there is a better way
  • A strong means of fulfilling that need; feasibility in the targeted market. This is where your creativity as an entrepreneur comes in. If you create a business that follows the same model as everyone, the same factors that affect them will affect you. You need to think beyond this and while not throwing away the baby with the water build a model that takes advantage of market opportunities while protecting yourself from the risks as much as you can.
  • Economic benefit or good return for the investment made; pricing is crucial. You don't want to steal from your clients but you also do not want to be a charity. People should pay a fair price for a good product / service. And often they do wherever you are in the world.
  • Supportive network in industry; these help you open doors beyond your current limitation when there's a need.

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Key To Good Business Opportunities In Africa

The combination of how the key areas (or elements) are combined determine the success of a business. The more unique the better the returns for the entrepreneur. Overall the more control and expertise an entrepreneur has over these areas the more successful they are likely to be. It is also important to note taking any business online when effectively executed gives it wings as the market potential has no borders except those set  by oneself and legislation.

In Africa, there are numerous business opportunities since none of the sectors is fully developed or saturated. It is the continual assessment of individuals in different communities to meet the needs of their community that will result in more and more business opportunities in the different markets for themselves.


Advanced Engineering;  Agriculture, Horticulture & Fisheries;  Business & Consumer Services; Chemicals;  Construction;  Creative & Media;  Defence & Security;  Education & Training; Energy;  Environment & Water;  Financial & Professional Services;  Food & Drink;  Global Sports Projects;  ICT; Leisure & Tourism;  Life Sciences;  Marine;  Mass Transport


Academic & Freelance Writing Services
Accounting & Book Keeping Services
Advertising Agency
Aerial Photography
Affiliate Selling
Art; Prints, Paintings, Wood Carvings, Iron Sculptures, Mirror Art
Artificial Plants
Baby Business; Food, Clothing, Education & Toys
Barber & Saloon
Basket Weaving
Beauty Shop
Bicycle Tours
Bottled Water

Building Material Supplies  and Services
Business Consultant
Call Centre
Card Design
Candle Making
Career and Personal Coach
Car Maintenance
Catering Services
Chicken / Poultry  Farm
Child Care
Christmas Decorations & Ornaments
Coaching Services
Cooking Classes
Commercial Cleaning
Computer repair and VAS Business
Courier Services
Cyber Café
Dance Trainer
Day Care
Disability Opportunities
Disc Jockey
Driving School
Editing service
Educational Toys


Electronic Repair
Entertainment Centre
Entertainer; Artist, Musician, Puppeteer, Comedian or Poet
Etiquette training
Event Rentals; Games, Crockery, Tents and Furniture
Event and Party Planning
Events Master of Ceremony
Exports;  Approved Products
First-Aid Training
Fish Farming
Forex Trading
Frozen Yoghurt Shop
Fruits Salad Kiosk / Parlour
Furniture Refurbishing
Goat Rearing
Graphic Design and Digital Printing
Grocery Delivery
Gym and Wellness CentreHair Products; Wigs & Weaves
Health Services
Home Business Ideas
Home Cleaning
Home Maintenance
Holiday Camps
Ice-cream Shop
Imports; Cars, Shoes, Clothes, Jewellery, Machinery and Industrial Chemicals
Interior Decoration
Internet Marketing Consulting
Jewelry Business
Juice Parlour
Language Training
Laundry / Cleaning Services (online portal)
Leather Business; Processing of Leather Items
Maggot Production
Massage Salon
Matchmaking (online)
Micro Finance
Mobile Money Outlet
Mobile Toilet Rentals
Motivational Speaker
Motorbike Rentals

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Motor Vehicle Towing Services
Movie Making Business
Movie Shop Business
Moving Services
Natural Home remedies
Network Marketing
Newspaper Vendor
Oil And Gas
Online Marketing Consultant
Online Market Places
Ostrich Farming
Photography & Video Services
Photo Gift and Promotional Items; Mugs and Plates
Pig Farm
Proposal Writing
Pool Cleaner
Public Relations Agency
Rabbit Rearing
Real Estate Development
Rubber Stamps
Second Hand Clothes / Flee Market
Security Guard Company
Skin Care Products
Shoe shine
Silk Warm Farming
Snake Farming
Sports Bar
Steam Cleaning and Upholstery Service
Tailoring; Designer Household Items
Tailoring; Bespoke Clothing
Taxi and Transport
Travel Agency
Truffle Production
T-shirt Printing
Tour Guide
Tuition Services
Vehicle Parts
Venture Capital Broker
Water Supply Services
Waste management
Web Design, Hosting And Internet Solutions
Wedding consultant
Writing services