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What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media refers to all online sites that provide social action and interaction with other people. Social media marketing is the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites.

Different social media platforms are designed to help you gain attention in different ways. For instance, Twitter is a social site designed to best share short “updates” with others. Facebook, in contrast is a full-blown social networking site that allows sharing of full stories, updates, photos, joining events and one on one conversation as well as variety of other activities. Instagram is best for shareing photos and videos

How Are Search Engines & Social Media Marketing Related?

Social media often feeds into the discovery of new content such as news stories, and “discovery” is a search activity. A lot of new content is done on social media that in turn support into search engine efforts. One can optimise the use of search engines by creating content that reflects the words and phrases their prospective client use. Whether done on a website or social media this is reffered to as search engine optimisation (SEO) It is therefore important when using social media to market, to use similar terms to those that potential clients would be searching for.


Social Media Engagement

Given that social media is focused on human interaction with our content it would be assumed that that likes and comments will gauge the success of your content. However this is not so. It totally depends on your target clientele and how sophisticated they are.
If your content is targeted to simple issues like clothing, food or entertainement then likes do matter and may translate to money in the bank. However, if your content is more complex e.g. service offerings or consultancy, a service or product targeted to more complex audience; e.g. better educated, more knowlegeable, or busier audience, chances are that you will not have much interaction though they go through the content.
Paying customers in the second category are not likely to be those who comment or like your content though they have gone through it. It is therefore important that you do not compromise the quality of your content as those likely to spend money on your offering will be more knowledgeable and complex.

There are several ways you can get your content seen in social media. We look at these different options.

The two key methods is through paid advertising or organic growth.

Paid advertising

This is when you actually pay for the platform to expose your advert or content to target clientele. The method can be very effective if the content attracts attention and holds it and is of interest to your prospect. However today, with all the noise around many people are immune to adverts and may not notice anything until a friend shares or likes the content.

Organic Growth

This happens when the content moves from one person to the other as a result of action on the content more like word of mouth. Though slower than advertising it is more effective especially if the sharer or commenter has a positive experience with the product or service, their endorsement is considered superior to that of the entrepreneur / advertise . This is where an influencer may come in


With an understanding of how we should measure impact on Social Media the question then is how important is it to use influencers?
My answer to this is depends.
Good influencers have authority in their circles. However, most influencers are as a result of follow me trainers and they are not really experts in any subject matter. Others have bought followers. So before you choose an influencer it is crucial to have some background on who they are and whether or not their followers  are real people. Consider the quality of responses from their followers and shares.  Also consider the respect they have in industry. If they ar reconsidered an authority it is worthwhile to pay to use them. If not you are better off spending the money on adcerts on the platform in the hope that many who have used your product or service with positive results then like, comment and share.


10 Proven ways to be effective on Social media

  1. Have a social media plan
  2. Quality content that is search engine optimised
  3. Use of customers to pass on the word : this means inviting them in to be your ambassadors
  4. Competitions
  5. Use human face, babies, or animals
  6. Tell great stories
  7. Highlight benefits not features
  8. Create fan base e.g. in groups
  9. Leverage fear of missing out (FOMO)
  10. Address social issues

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